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We at Peerless Reel Company are very proud of our accomplishments in producing handmade reels at affordable prices. Our reels are made to last and give top performance for a lifetime. 

We spare no expense on materials and labor to produce what we feel is one of the finest reels available on the market today. With a Peerless Reel, you get NO compromises in design or materials. Each reel is hand-crafted to ensure smoothness, reliability, strength, soundness, and performance. The "feel" of a Peerless Reel is one that cannot be defined.

We at Peerless (all three of us) are avid fly fishermen, and we would not settle for less than a great fly reel! Founder Robert Corsetti has worked with his son-in-law Lawrence Knowles (chief engineer, designer, fabricator) for nearly two decades to develop the best handmade reels available in the world. Since Bob's retirement, Larry has taken over the family business and there are plans in the works to continue the Peerless Legacy. 

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